Saturday, September 11, 2004

libgmail - This is fun

This is the coolest thing ever, I can connect to my gmail account with the gmail bindings.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

This blog and IE

Hmm, I just noticed this blog template only works with mozilla, non IE browsers, I am not changing it, I went through all the templates to come up with this one, hah.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Another JBoss tutorial addition

I added a bit about MBeans on my little jboss tutorial. It is still quick and dirty, hopefully it will evolve over time. I mention it, because it is the only page that people go to on my site [ shrug ].

jboss tutorial

Gentoo just works!

"It just works" means so many different things to so many different people. My favorite indicator for everything is speed. For example, most people hate waiting at the DMV for getting your address changed on your license. Why? because it takes 7 hours of just sitting around, when you get to the place 30 minutes before it opens. Why does it take a billion hours, because of inefficiency, no order, lack of leadership, whatever, basically it sucks. So I use similar metrics in software. If it takes forever to get something to work meaning install or upgrade or 'how do I change the font to something readable', then there is probably another piece of software out there that is easy to use and intuitive to where you are up and running in a couple of hours or less than an hour.

In terms of linux, Mandrake by far has offered the easiest install solution. In literally three clicks, you can have a system deployed. There is just one problem. The software is a pain to upgrade, because a lot of the software is configured for the particular mandrake system you are working with, just like any linux distro(minus gentoo of course). It normally it is not a big deal, except when you download some code of the net, type 'configure' and 'make' and you cant get pass configure, unless you download 15 other pieces of software, which also have dependency errors. It is nested frustration, you have trouble with one piece of software, you download the fix, and then you have trouble with the fix that was supposed to fix your problem. Happens all the time, and normally when your system gets that out of date, you have to upgrade your kernel, oh boy, easy enough. But once you upgrade your kernel, now you have to upgrade your software that depends on the kernel, the compilers, the software that used the older compiler, etc.

The solution?

Use gentoo, gentoo has never not worked. With 'emerge' and portage, even the scariest software systems install and uninstall flawlessly, apache, kde, xwindows, gcc, on and on. And it is all source based. You have the added bonus of a simple install with up to date software that works with your system.

Cons(not really a con to be honest)

You have to install all the software and setup everything yourself.

This turns out to be a pro. The power of linux is the free, open source nature of the system, it evolves. Linux cant really evolve and people are using rpm, redhat, mandrake based systems. If everything is cut and dry, what is the point, you might as well keep your windows2000. With a system like gentoo, you start out with fdisk, 10 minutes later you have users added, hour later, you have your first piece of software installed. That is evolution at a smaller scale. Scalable, you can revert back to nothing if you to. When a mandrake system is fried, that is it, you cant naturally go back to an earlier state without a lot of work.

Gentoo is the way to go, it takes an hour or two to setup, but if you are going to keep a system for several years, seems worth it to me.


Hibernate is great stuff, good for complex schemas such. Once again, I want to wrap jython around database and swing applications with integration with jboss.


I have been tinkering with both jython and python. I will swing towards jython because it can work as glue to other existing java libraries. Ideally, CPython could work the same way, but I dont think many use C too much in software0engineering, enterprise, or network systems any more(If you are doing XML and database interaction in C, have fun). Anyway, writing modules in C for CPython is a little bit more difficult than Java modules for Jython. And Swing is another added bonus(and a little bit more frustration). One little problem with jython, it is old! The current version of Jython is great!, but it is two java versions behind and almost 3 python versions behind. The argument, Jython is perfect and doesnt need updating, and of course the new Python 2.2-2.3-2.4 class system doesnt work with java that well.